Making OS X Silent


I retired my much loved 11” Air and purchased a new MacBook rose gold laptop. One thing driving me crazy with the new trackpad. I hate the new depth sensors and the amount of noise. I was able to resolve both issues easily. Open System Preferences Click “Trackpad” In the “Point & Click” tab, enable […]

Patch your 2008 Servers!


Unless you’ve been traveling without internet connectivity and access to newspapers, you must have heard about the recent ransomware which was propagating based upon a Microsoft Windows SMB bug. This is a quick blog with the information you need to validate that your 2008 and 2008R2 servers are not vulnerable to the exploit. For 2008 […]

Upgrading Android on a Samsung Mobile, Part2


In my last blog post, I showed how to install the software called Samsung SmartSwitch on an Apple laptop. The software is also available for Windows. It provides several features, including backing up data, restoring data, and syncing data between devices. The feature I was interested in was upgrading. Having said that, you should always […]

Upgrading Android on a Samsung Mobile

android SmartSwitch Install

I wanted to upgrade the version of Android of my Samsung phone. I was expecting to download firmware on the phone’s WIFI, but it was giving me an error message. Maybe it requires an activated SIM to function? I have no idea. After some searching about, I determined that for Android 4.3+ I could download […]

Enabling Copy and Paste in Firefox

Firefox Setting copy and paste

Today, I needed to fill out an online web form, and was very frustrated that it was setup to disallow copy and paste. Why would I want to type field values manually, especially important ones, when I can copy and paste them from a password database? I’m sure the web developer thought they were increasing […]

Setup DNS on Apple OS X


When you enable DHCP, you normally get both an IP address and DNS servers from the DHCP server. Sometimes, however, you don’t want those DNS servers because using random DNS servers can open you to DNS poisoning. One way of being more secure is to hardcode to the Google public DNS servers. This works great […]

Enabling Remote Desktop on Server 2008 R2

Enabling Remote Desktop on Server 2008 R2

I setup a new virtual server in VMware 6.0 yesterday. Of course, I was logging into the console. Then, I remembered, if I wanted remote desktop to work, I needed to explicitly enable it. Run Control Panel | System Click the “Remote Settings” link on left Select the “Remote” tab Check “Allow connections from computers… […]

Showing a Hidden Slide in Open Office


Ever received a slide deck from someone, and some of the slides look greyed out? And, when you run the slide show (using F5) these greyed slides don’t appear! How can this be changed so that the slide is visible? These instructions are for Libre Office or Open Office. 1. Open the slide deck. 2. […]

Task Manager Missing Tabs


I was working happily, remoted into a Win7 administrative machine which happened to have the VMware client installed upon it. And, inexplicably, I noticed that my task manager window was barren of both tabs and menus. I had no idea what happened, expected it was a memory probable of some sort, so rebooted the machine. […]