Enabling Copy and Paste in Firefox

Firefox Setting copy and paste

Today, I needed to fill out an online web form, and was very frustrated that it was setup to disallow copy and paste. Why would I want to type field values manually, especially important ones, when I can copy and paste them from a password database? I’m sure the web developer thought they were increasing […]

Balancing Security and Functionality in Firefox


Since my last login, something changed, regarding how Suntrust was using session cookies, because suddenly I could no longer pay bills or transfer money using Mozilla Firefox on my laptop. I was receiving the error message, “We’re sorry. We could not set cookies or find a session for you.” Yet, I was still logged into […]

Binding a Self-Signed Certificate in IIS7

Binding SSL on IIS

So, we just walked through how to generate a self-signed certificate in the last post. Next, we need to bind that certificate to a website in order to enable SSL on that website.  This post walks through the binding the self-signed certificate.   Make certain you have generated the self-signed certificate: Use the steps in […]

Creating a Self-Signed Certificate in IIS7

self-signed certificate Windows

I needed to add https:// support to a website, add redirection, and test that everything functioned. I was in a hurry to complete this testing, so didn’t want to deal with purchasing a third-party certification. So, I thought to myself, “No problem, I’ll just install a self-signed certificate!” Here are the steps, if you need […]

Fixing IE8 Error “Do you want to view…”

IE8 error message

Normally, when you want to access something that the firewall or other security settings think is “suspicious”, you click “Yes” to accept the risks. Well, Internet Explorer 8 changed all that with its error message “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered security?”. In order to view the content, the […]

How to Recover SSL Private Keys in Windows 2003

how to recover ssl private keys

I had a test web server setup to use an internally issued web certificate. It was working OK with the complete full qualified hostname. But, I also wanted it to work with the server’s IP address. What I mean by work, is I wanted the lock (in IE or any other web browser on that […]