Removing Connectors Before Uninstalling Exchange 2003

Exchange remove rightfax connectors

I was attempting to uninstall Exchange 2003, which is the last step needed after installing a new version of Exchange and migrating existing users to the new email server. I call this last step “decommissioning the old Exchange server”. Anyway, before you can uninstall Exchange 2003, you must delete all the data including the public […]

Using Telnet to test Exchange SMTP

Quite often printers are setup to use SMTP to email scanned documents to end users. During an Exchange upgrade, re-configuring the printers to utilize the new Exchange information is not an insignificant task because it often requires physically visiting each printer and inputting the new server’s IP address. Additionally, to avoid SMTP anonymous relays, SMTP […]

Upgrading Exchange Objects to 2010

Upgrading Exchange objects

During an upgrade of Exchange 2003 or 2007 to Exchange 2010, one of the tasks to be complete is the update of user, groups, contacts, and public folder objects. If you have not updated these objects, you will get warning messages every time you use the 2010 Exchange Management Console (EMC) to edit these objects. […]

Update Exchange Policies to 2010

Exchange Update Policy

I was working at a customer site who had recently upgraded from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. When I went to edit one of their policies, I received an error message via the Exchange Management Console (EMC). Based upon this error, I realized that the policies had not been upgraded. Here is the step-by-step how […]

Moving the Exchange Offline Address Book

Moving OAB

I was trying to update the offline address book using the Exchange Management Console (EMC) and received an error which said: Action Update found not be performed on object Default Offline Address List. Failed to generate the content of the offline address book… two possible reasons for the failure are that the System Attendant Service […]

Fixing BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.04 Installation Error

Blackberry Enterprise Server SQLExpress Fix

So, I have installed Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) 5.03 from scratch several times. This week, I installed BES 5.04 for the first time. I am not sure if my installation error was the result of something specific to the Windows 2008R2 server, or if it’s a difference between BES 5.03 and 5.04. But, in any […]

Create an Automated Rule in Outlook 2010

Create Exchange email rules

I get a lot of emails every day. Some of these emails are informational automated emails, which I want as reference, but don’t want cluttering up my inbox. This blog discusses how to define Outlook rules so that these emails automatically move from the inbox to their designated folder. The screen shots are from Outlook […]

Resuming an Exchange Move Request

exchange server resue move request

Many Exchange mailboxes migrate without errors. Some have a few errors during migration, but if you investigate the move logs, you find that many times these errors are associated with calendar items. And, realistically, most users don’t care if they lose a corrupt calendar item from five years ago. But, occasionally, you enter a user […]

Hiding the Journal User from the Exchange Address Book

Hiding the Journal User from the Exchange Address Book

If you want to make every email ever generated searchable, perhaps for legal or compliance reasons, you can setup Exchange Journaling. To setup Journaling, you need to dedicate an Exchange login to being the “Journal User”. Both incoming and outgoing emails can be journaled. The actual name of the login you create is not relevant, […]

Removing Exchange 2003 Asks for Original Software

selecting the exchange disk

As you probably already know, removing the Exchange 2003 Server from your domain requires you to local with administrative rights and use the “Add or Remove Programs” feature within the “Control Panel”. As a reminder, the steps are as follows. Bootup the old Exchange Server and login. Open Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs. […]