What’s the difference between file services SAMBA, CIFS, and NFS?


Today, I had a customer ask me which file service I would prefer he setup for data migration purposes. I responded with SAMBA or NFS, and he did not like this. He wanted a specific recommendation. The server I’m migrating data from is an older 2003 server, and we are trying to decide whether to […]

Creating a bootable Fedora USB stick

bootable fedora usb stick instructions

I need a bootable USB thumb drive. My usage case was making a laptop whose hard drive was dead work again. I wanted to generate the USB from my Apple Air, and was having a little trouble finding easy-to-follow instructions. But, with a little help from Fedora, I got what I needed. Here are the […]

Clearing ARP and DNS Cache in Linux

clear linux cache

I received several odd messages on one of my Red Hat Linux servers yesterday morning, “Neighbor table overflow”, which made me go digging around. All I could find with some well-placed Googling was that the message could be related to bad or overflowing ARP cache. One fix might be to increase the available cache, and […]

Mounting a Windows Share to Linux

Windows share in Linux

So, today I needed to debug a performance problem I was having with my Linux virtual machine (vm). I was on the phone with a SAN vendor who had given me a performance testing program to install on linuxvm (don’t you just love my simplistic naming conventions?). But, the file was currently downloaded to my […]

Resolving “Disconnecting Failed” network adapter issue in Linux

I was recently installing the latest version of Red hat Linux in my virtual environment. When I ran through the installation, I noted that the installer did not automatically find the network adapter. Well, I thought to myself, that will get quickly resolved as soon as I install VMware tools. Since I had no network […]

Secure Shell and Secure FTP over Custom Ports

ssh and sftp custom port number

Everyone knows they should be using ssh instead of telnet, and sftp instead of ftp. I regularly drop to the command line and use these utilities. By default, these run on port 22. But, sometimes you need to connect to a custom port number because the server is bound to something other than port 22. […]