Removing Office Macros Using LibreOffice

libre office macros remove

I often have to generate technical documents, and although I often use my standard templates, sometimes a customer provides me their preferred template. This happened last week, and I was surprised to see a warning message when I opened the Word template that had been provided. The warning read, “This document contains macros. Macros may […]

Chrome Has DNS Cache!

Chrome DNS cache

I have been traveling and was noticing that my Chrome browse was “acting up”. I used the “Clear Browsing Data…” menu option, but this did not resolve my issues. What could be happening? Well, upon googling (obviously with a browser that wasn’t Chrome), I figured out that Chrome caches DNS entries. And, that cache could […]

What’s the difference between file services SAMBA, CIFS, and NFS?


Today, I had a customer ask me which file service I would prefer he setup for data migration purposes. I responded with SAMBA or NFS, and he did not like this. He wanted a specific recommendation. The server I’m migrating data from is an older 2003 server, and we are trying to decide whether to […]

Removing OS X Suggested Email Names

Apple Remove Recipients

Yesterday, I got an email bounce back because I accidentally sent one of my friends and email to their old email address. The reason that happened is that OS X Mail auto-populates(aka auto-complete) the email address as you type. But, this particular friend has two emails: the legacy incorrect one and the shiny new correct […]

Removing Orphaned CourseSites Assignments

CourseSites Assignment

My new project is to update the course materials for an online course, originally setup in CourseSites, see Last week, I was happily making online changes, including adding new quizzes and tests, and deleting old assignments and tests. But, this weekend, I looked at the Grading Center and was surprised by the large number […]

Juniper Announces ScreenOS Vulnerabilities

Juniper ScreenOS

You are probably already aware of this announcement, but I thought it prudent to post anyway. Apparently, Juniper somehow released a vulnerable ScreenOS, versions 6.2.0r15 through 6.2.0r18 and 6.3.0r12 through 6.3.0r20. And, had now released a patch. Juniper claims the exploit has not been reported as exploited by customers. But, it’s unclear how customer would […]

Comparing Industry Certifications

I am constantly asked to comment upon computer industry certifications. I have two certificates myself, the PMP and the CISSP, and somehow that makes me an expert! People ask me all sorts of things such as, “What should I do to study?”, “Is the certificate worth the cost?”, “Which one is better?”, and “Which one […]

Displaying Unused Device Drivers

display unused device drivers

Last week, I was trying to debug a network problem that was being experienced by one of my virtual machines. This VM had a bit of “history” having been moved several times between different hosts, and having originally been a physical-to-virtual (P2V) conversion. Anyway, it wasn’t working correctly, and I couldn’t find anything obviously misconfigured. […]

Skype for Windows

Skype for windows

Last week, I patched my Windows 7 machine, and was surprised to see a Skype update listed as an available download and patch. What surprised me about this optional update was that Skype is not installed on my Windows 7 machine. This implies that now you can complete a fresh install directly from the Windows […]

The Next Hacking Target = Your Car

auto hack car exploit

We all know that our computers and our phones can be vulnerable to attacks and exploits. Every once in a while, we get a virus or get our Internet accounts hacked, and that reminds us to “be careful”. And, if it not us who gets this reminder, it is a family member or a close […]