Enabling Remote Desktop on Server 2008 R2

Enabling Remote Desktop on Server 2008 R2

I setup a new virtual server in VMware 6.0 yesterday. Of course, I was logging into the console. Then, I remembered, if I wanted remote desktop to work, I needed to explicitly enable it. Run Control Panel | System Click the “Remote Settings” link on left Select the “Remote” tab Check “Allow connections from computers… […]

Showing a Hidden Slide in Open Office


Ever received a slide deck from someone, and some of the slides look greyed out? And, when you run the slide show (using F5) these greyed slides don’t appear! How can this be changed so that the slide is visible? These instructions are for Libre Office or Open Office. 1. Open the slide deck. 2. […]

Task Manager Missing Tabs


I was working happily, remoted into a Win7 administrative machine which happened to have the VMware client installed upon it. And, inexplicably, I noticed that my task manager window was barren of both tabs and menus. I had no idea what happened, expected it was a memory probable of some sort, so rebooted the machine. […]

Balancing Security and Functionality in Firefox


Since my last login, something changed, regarding how Suntrust was using session cookies, because suddenly I could no longer pay bills or transfer money using Mozilla Firefox on my laptop. I was receiving the error message, “We’re sorry. We could not set cookies or find a session for you.” Yet, I was still logged into […]

vSphere 6.0 Client fails on Windows XP and 2003


We all know that Windows XP is a deprecated and no longer supported operating system. Here is just a nail in the coffin. I attempted to install the vSphere 6.0 client on XP, and received the error message, “When installed on a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 host machine, the vSphere Client might fail […]

Unexpected ESXi Error

VMware Error Message

Last week, I was working happily in the vSphere fat client, and suddenly received the error, “The request failed because the server closed the connection. The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server.” What does this VMware actually mean? Turns out that I was […]

Allow Multiple Assignment Attempts

Allow Mulitple Attempts coursesites

This spring, I quickly learned that administering online courses is a tricky business. More specifically, one common complaint that students made was that their web quiz/assignment/test session was unexpectedly terminated and could they please, please, please re-submit? Imagine that?!? So, I wondered, how does one allow for the same BlackBoard assignment to be turned in […]

PowerShell version by OS

Powershell version

I am working on automating some administrative functions and wanted to leverage Powershell coding. But, my servers come in a variety of flavors: 2008R1, 2008R2, 2012R1, and 2012R2. So, I wondered, what version of Powershell do I have available on each, and can it be upgraded? Googling, and found a reference to the original versions […]

Create Smart View of Surveys

Create SmartView in coursesites

I have been supporting an online course over the last several months, and learning a ton of tricks regarding how to configure and use the free version of BlackBoard available at www.coursesites.com for instructors who support a small number of concurrent online courses. This post regards how to create a smart view of all your […]